To love another is to give of yourself

In a matter of days I read a blog post from Seth Adam Smith (Which has gone viral since I started writing this post) and saw this picture from Both of the subjects were about how to love and I started to ponder this in more detail. I reflected on my relationship with my husband as well as others in my life.

I’ve been married for 10 years and throughout that time we have experienced our up’s and down’s (as everyone does). Throughout that time I have always felt that I married my best friend. He is the first person I think about telling good news, important news, or bad news to. If I try to think of my life without him I really can’t imagine it. I think we are better people together then we are apart.

In Seth Smith’s post he talks about how marriage isn’t really about you, it is about giving to the person you married and about the family unit that you are building. That is beautiful, and yet I believe that he is half right. Marriage IS about the other person. It is about finding ways to bring a smile to their face when they are filling frustrated or sad. It’s about wanting to make you spouse laugh and so you do anything you can think of to make it happen. It’s about showing your love for them in all of the small and big ways that makes love so special. And then marriage is about YOU. When you are searching for that person to spend the rest of your life with, you are thinking about finding someone who knows and understands you. You are thinking about someone who makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you LOVE life just a little bit more than you did before you knew them. All of those things are important to make a marriage work.

In a marriage as well as any relationship I believe that there is giving and receiving, a partnership. I know the popular phrase is give and take, but when you start thinking in terms of taking, I don’t think you are giving anymore. In this partnership you are facing the ups and downs together. When one of you is weak the other is holding on and lifting you up higher than you could stand on your own. That is what makes love and marriage so beautiful and so important.

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