Meditation: Naked Sound

I think sometimes I get carried away with the day to day activities that I don’t take time to sit down and enjoy all that is around me. I am so busy with everything that is going on that I miss out on the and the amazing things that are happening right before my eyes. So, I am challenging myself to do this short little meditation and surround myself in the world around me. Feel free to join me if you would like to and tell me about your experience!

Naked Sound Meditation -Enjoy and welcome the sounds that you hear during your meditation without music to lead you through the meditation.


  • Set your timer for 8 minutes
  • Take your meditation position on your chair, comfortable and alert
  • Gently allow your eyes to close
  • Take a long deep inhale
  • As you exhale allow your troubles and worries to sigh out with your breath
  • One more time, Deep breath in, Release any remaining tension
  • Start your timer


  • Bring your attention to the sounds around you. Do not filter or reject them.
  • Allow these sounds to rise and fall of their own accord.
  • Be with each sound completely. If one sound rises as another falls, see if you can give equal attention to both while noting their individual “rising” and “falling”
  • A sound is just a sound. There is no need to match it to an object.
  • If a sound does give rise to a thought image or body sensation ,allow it, then gently return to your meditation on just allowing sound to rise and fall.
  • Do this until your timer goes off.


Afterward write about your meditation in your journal

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