I LOVE Oil Pulling

You might be wondering what the heck that is???

Well it is such a simple way to detox, whiten your teeth and break up plaque build up, how you might ask? Okay here is the scoop.

As a lot of you know my world king of changed in July of 2013. My health took a dramatic nose dive and I was left wondering what the heck happened. So after many doctor visits it was decided that I ‘probably’ have fibromyalgia. Since there really isn’t a test to take to determine if I do indeed have it I feel that I am kind of left out there in limbo. To have or not to have…that is the million dollar question.

With all of this going on I started doing more research online and started to ‘follow’ people on Facebook that promoted more natural living as a way of life. One of the tips that I came across was Oil Pulling. So even though I didn’t really understand why it worked, I decided to try it out.

Oil Pulling Steps

1. Swish 1 Tablespoon of oil in your mouth without swallowing it

(Choose your favorite oil, these are the two that I hear the most about: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil) I went with Olive Oil since I had plenty of that on hand.

2. Allow the oil to swish between your teeth and gums for up to 20 minutes

(If you read other posts they’ll tell you to do it for 20 minutes to start with, but that is a very long time and I think you can build up to it. I usually do it for a couple of minutes)

3. Spit out the oil into your sink (I run hot water afterwards to break up the oil)

4. Run a tooth brush over your teeth in a circular motion

I was amazed at how well it really worked. I can’t say for sure about how well it detoxes the body (it might be because I only do it for a couple of minutes too instead of 20), but I can see a difference in getting rid of plaque and whitening my teeth. So give it a try and let me know how it goes. It can’t hurt right.

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