How to make your own yoga bolster

Some of the best poses for healing your body and restoring your energy are restorative poses. In order to do these poses you might need a little help in the form of a bolster. You can purchase a bolster or two for your home use or you can be frugal and make your own which I did for myself when I was first starting out in my home practice. Here is how:


– Two or three Twin blankets (Or two Queen sized blankets- Fleece Blankets work wonderfully because you need a compact blanket that isn’t fluffy)
– A Belt (Those belts with the D rings work great)

Instructions- Done with two Queen Sized Blankets
1. Take one Queen Blanket and lay it on the floor all they way stretched out
2. Fold the blanket once vertically
3. Then Fold once more vertically
4. Do the same to the second blanket
5. Lay the second blanket on top of the first blanket
6. Start at one end of the (short side) blanket and begin to roll both blankets (tight roll)
7. Once the blankets are rolled together secure it with your belt
8. Tuck in the belt strap so that it doesn’t flap around

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