To fear or not to fear….that is the question

Getting over my fear of public speaking has been an interesting journey. I don’t mind speaking one on one with someone, but when it comes to a group I tend to forget what I need to say and laugh a lot. Nervous laughter can be a little embarrassing and awkward.
I once had someone complement me on a talk I had given in church and how she felt that she knew me a little better now. As I think about it after I imagine myself saying something like “Thank you” so simple right? Instead I laughed? What? I was still running off the adrenaline of my nerves from speaking in church and I had spoken on something rather personal, so I felt a little under the microscope, my fault really, but I can’t seem to write anything that doesn’t tie personally to me. So here I was laughing, which in turn I received a rather peculiar look. Who could blame her really for looking at me like I had grown another head?

Now you might be thinking to yourself, how can she teach yoga with a fear of speaking in public? I asked myself this same question when I was going through the teacher training program and knew that the end result would be teaching in front of a group of people, mostly strangers. I will tell you that I prayed a lot. I prayed before an oral exam in school and I prayed before my first classes that I taught for quite awhile. I got through it too with the knowledge that not everyone will like me. I can be a little silly at times and I do make mistakes, but I like who I am. That was the underlining factor to getting me through any mistakes that I did make.

I also used a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). One of the biggest attractions to EFT for a lot of people is the benefits that it has shown with helping people get over the fear of public speaking. I started to use EFT when I began to feel anxious when I had to speak in church or teach yoga to a new group of people. And it really worked. I didn’t feel so anxious to get up in front of people as I did.

The interesting thing that I came across just recently was that I found out I was nervous teaching yoga on camera. I don’t know what is so different with teaching yoga on camera than teaching to a group of people, but I felt awkward and nervous. That was so surprising. I expected to move through a lesson like I normally would without any problems, I mean I have been teaching for 4 years. The other thing that surprised me is that I didn’t think to do EFT when I met with this resistance, not at first. The first take didn’t go very well at all. My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of any instructions for poses that I have taught countless times over the years. The next morning I did EFT and it was such a relief to feel so much calmer and back in control of my thoughts and words.

So because of this experience, I wanted to share with you my story and to hopefully give someone else the tools to overcome their own fear of speaking. Our fears hold us back from doing things that we were meant to do, I truly believe that. Don’t let your fear stop you from achieving your goals and reaching your dreams.

Fear of Public Speaking Tapping sequence
Rate your intensity while thinking about your fear of public speaking. Perhaps it is a specific event in your past that you are afraid of happening again. Rate your fear from 0 – 10, with 10 being very afraid. Write this number down because we will be checking in to see if the number has gone down.

The Set Up
KC – Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply love and accept myself (Do this 3 times)

Tapping Points
EB – This fear of public speaking
SE – Makes me nervous
UE – So many people watching me
UN – Freaks me out
CH – This fear of public speaking
CB – Don’t like all the attention
UA – What if I mess up
TOH – What if I forget what I am supposed to say

Check to see how you feel? Did your fear go down? Is it gone? Rate your intensity while thinking about your fear of public speaking. If there was a specific event, focus on that event and see how your feel. If there is still some fear left follow the below tapping sequence.

KC – Even though I STILL have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. ( Say 3 times while tapping this point)

Now tap on all of the eight points while saying ” This remaining fear of public speaking.”

Check to see how you feel once more and rate the intensity from 0 – 10. If you feel that you have lowered your fear to a 3 or lower, continue below to tap on positive affirmations. If you do not feel that it has gone down then please, email me or if you feel comfortable post below in the comments section and I would love to see if I have some insight on what you can try to help this fear go down.

Now tap is some positive thoughts and emotions (Pay attention to how you feel while tapping these positive statements)

EB – I will trust that I know what to say
SE – I can keep people engaged in what I am saying
UE – I am well prepared for my speech
UN – I am relaxed when I speak in public
CH – I am excited and positive when I speak in public
CB – I always speak calmly and clearly
UA – I find public speaking to be easy and enjoyable
TOH – I am a great public speaker

Okay, how do you feel now? At any time did you have a negative reaction to any of these positive statements? Did any of these trigger a past memory that was of a negative experience? Please feel free to let me know what your results were by either posting in the comments or emailing me.

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