EFT: Using it to over come the fear of water

A few years ago we moved into our new house that has a pool in the backyard. I would go out with the kids every day to swim.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the whole routine of getting out of the pool. There were a lot of “5 more minutes Mom!” Last summer I had just gotten out to dry off and my son says “Mom, look at me jump in!” I took my eyes off my 4 year old to glance over to watch my 8 year old jump in and then turned back to my 4 year old. That fast she was under water.

We have one of those huge play steps that my youngest just loves to play on. She had slipped off the edge and fallen soundlessly into the deep water. I am sure you can imagine what went through my mind as I jumped up ran to her and pulled her out of the water. If I close my eyes I can still picture how she looked as her little arms were extended up reaching for the surface and her little legs kicking as hard as she could, trying to reach the surface. That is the thing of nightmares.

This whole time I was trying to remain calm and not scare her while I was freaking out myself. I knew on an instinctive level that if she saw me freaking out that she would become even more scared. So as I pulled her out of the water and into my arms I just hugged her and asked her if she was all right. And then we stayed in the water longer than I had planned and just played for a few more minutes even though what I wanted to do was just get out of the water and settle myself down!

That same summer I had signed my kids up for swimming lessons because they must learn how to swim. We have a pool and there is just no way to get around it. I was on a mission. I soon realized, that even with my calm reaction to the near drowning my daughter had become deathly afraid of going into the deep end of the pool. She hated leaving the large play step. She hated to put her face in the water. It was so hard to see her so afraid. The swimming lessons were a challenge to say the least. If she was in control (on a step) she was totally fine, but if she had to leave the step it was awful! So that year she didn’t learn how to swim. She completed the swimming lessons, we followed it through, but she just couldn’t learn past her fear.

The next summer I renewed my determination that my daughter needed to learn how to swim. I once again signed her up for swim lessons even knowing that it was going to be a challenge.

I began using a technique called EFT (emotional freedom technique) with her (the previous year when I asked her if I could tap with her she said no and I did not force it). I would ask her to think about swimming in the deep with mom while I did tapping (EFT) on her while we were inside the house. She was still afraid.

I then tapped on her while we were out in the pool and I asked her to come out into the deep end with me. We sat on the play step and tapped. She was still afraid.

Now some of you might be thinking, well it wasn’t working, but I don’t believe that to be true. Her fear was so very deep, it wasn’t an easy trauma for her to overcome. I believe that each of those attempts did in fact do some good and was the stepping stones for what came next.
One day at swim lessons this past May I told her that she was going to do everything that all the other kids were doing and then I told her that Mom was going to be right there with her to help her. She would see the other kids going into the deep water and she started to cry! Oh how hard this was for me (and for her)! My natural reaction was for me to throw out this idea, but I knew deep inside that for her to overcome this, I had to move forward.

So as we waited her turn and she cried I would tap on her. She did everything that was asked of her (as quickly as possible) and would come back to me and I would tap some more on her as she watched. I would praise her on how great she was doing and she would cry some more. I continued tapping on her for the entire lesson. And the thing I would repeat was ‘this fear of water’ as I tapped on the meridian points. This was after I did the setup statement of ‘Even though I have this fear of water, I am still a good kid.’

And then it happened. She wasn’t afraid of water anymore. I felt like I had just witnessed a miracle. After that one lesson (and after all my other tapping sessions with her) she shed her fear of water. After that she started asking to swim with me in the deep water and then to swim from the step to me. It was truly amazing! She felt free in a way she had never felt before inside a pool.

I know many of us probably know someone who has a fear of water. Share this story with them. It is one that can truly change a life for the better. If you try this at home with your children let me know how it goes.

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