EFT: The Science behind it

When you are experiencing a negative emotion your brain goes on alert. This alert prepares your body to enter into the fight or flight response. The purpose of this response is to mobilize the body to face external danger. All of your bodies defense systems are turned on.

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Now a days this response is activated by internal struggles, by our thoughts and the emotions that accompany them. This could be a negative memory, a past trauma, or a conditioned learning from our childhood, for example; I am not smart enough, etc.
The fight or flight response could happen to us without us even being aware of it. There are different levels, or degrees, depending on the event. So now you might be asking yourself, “What does tapping do?”
Tapping halts the fight or flight response and reprograms the brain and body to act, and react differently. How? Let me tell you….
The Limbic system is the source of emotions and long term memory. This is where negative experiences are stored. Within the Limbic system is the amygdala, this signals the brain to mobilize the body in the fight or flight response. An early negative experience can program the amygdala to raise alarm when something similar triggers it in the future. The body does not distinguish between an actual threat and what the amygdala perceives as an actual threat.
EFT or Tapping seems to turn off the amygdala’s alarm. When you tap of the meridian acupoints a calming response is sent to the body. Even more amazing is that if you tap while experiencing or discussing a stressful event you can counteract the stress and reprogram the hippocampus. Now you might be wondering what the hippocampus is, well the hippocampus is used to compare your past threats with present signals that you are receiving and tell the amygdala whether or not you are facing an actual threat right now.


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