Each of us is an incredibly powerful and creative being.  We can make the choice to live our lives to their fullest, continue to grow into the person we were designed to be and love those that matter most to us in a more complete and open way.

GrowLiveLove is about helping you understand how to grow into the person you were meant to be, live your life more fully and love more completely.  We provide you with insight and tools to enable you to achieve this.

At GrowLiveLove our approach is that of offering physical and emotional health strategies and tools that have helped those we know and us personally achieve more in our lives.  Our specific area of expertise is that of Iyengar Yoga and Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT).  We use these two tools as a means by which we can help you overcome emotional and physical challenges to GROW into the person you were designed to be, LIVE your life more fully and on your terms, and to LOVE those who matter most more openly.